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Jul 24 '14

ravenfirethief asked:

"Do you remember what happened?"



"Do I remember what happened when?"

She shut her eyes and shook her head slowly in protest before realizing that it made her eyeballs throb to do so and groaned. “No.” She reached over and set the half empty bottle on the table. “I have an electric kettle and a french press…but you do what you’ve got to do.”  

She let him talk on…aware that she wasn’t giving him her full attention,but it couldn’t be helped.  It made sense-she supposed, though it still didn’t sit well with her. The lab had fail-safes in place to keep things like this happening. Obviously whatever she had been incubating was above their current tech. “Wait…I must have misheard you…..did you just mention Nikola…as in Nikola Tesla?” She said from her comfortable position on the couch, eyes still squeezed shut.

"Note to self: Remember what assumptions do." Fred paused, then turned to Jenn and gave her a proper Teutonic bow. "I am sorry, Jenn. I assumed you had the same "Mr. Coffee" or equivalent that every other government lab I’ve ever visited had, and never bothered to investigate. I was wrong. Of course I’ll use your press, if that’s your preference."

He chuckled. “Yeah. Surprised the hell out of me when he Awakened, of course, but he’s taught me more about power production and distribution than I learned during my twelve years at Trans Poly U. Once he explained his power collection system to me it was obvious we really could put every energy production company out of business overnight. The only drawback is that too many of them own Senators, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and so on. The world isn’t ready for zero point energy. And I’m not ready to go to war for the sake of giving the world free energy.”

Jul 20 '14

A Handful Of Reasons Why Oded Fehr Should Be Cast As Doctor Stephen Strange In The Film Adaptation



1.) He has the best unimpressed face.

2.) Fabulous distinguished graying, yes.

3.) Sexy and mysterious? Oded Fehr can do sexy and mysterious.

4.) He is Oded Fehr.

I am down with all of this.

(Source: maliathecoywolf)

Jul 20 '14



"Are you kidding? That’s the kind of maneuvers I expect in three dimensions, not two. You know, fighter jet, space fighter, mecha, that kind of thing? But in traffic?" He made a big deal out of clinging to the nearest solid object when the car came to a stop, even going so far as to kiss the ground once he was certain there were witnesses.

"Yeah, too bad the helicopters around Steelport suck massive balls…  that list I showed you earlier? Has more tasks that include driving against traffic, and getting close but not hitting other cars and stuff like that… and, it all kind of got ingrained in my driving…"

"They usually do. Helicopters are like eggshells hanging from extremely breakable rotors. Even the armored ones. Every one of my selves that builds mecha has tried making a helicopter-based mecha, and every one of them abandoned the idea after a single model. If you reinforce the rotors enough, you can mount maneuvering jets on the tips, and give your mecha amazing zero-gee maneuverability in robot form, but it’s still an eggshell compared to any other mecha."

He blinked and shook his head, then laughed. “Damn. That’s just crazy. So what’s Pierce look like?” 

Jul 20 '14

"I hope that I will live one heartbeat longer than she does"


Content warning: This post is about sentiments leading to murder of people with disabilities. Proceed with caution.

At an autism conference recently, I heard the father of a 20 year old autistic man say in his speech to the whole conference, “I hope to live one heartbeat longer than he does. I’m sure many of you feel the same way about your children.”

That sentiment gets people killed. If you are the parent of a disabled child and you say things like this, it is a matter of life-and-death importance that you stop talking this way. The father who said this is probably entirely correct that many of the other parents in the audience felt the same way. I have heard this sentiment expressed by many other parents of children with disabilities (not just autism.)

Parents who hope to outlive their autistic children are talking about people who, barring tragedy, will almost certainly outlive their parents. Autism does not limit lifespan; most autistic people should live to be old. If you hope to outlive your autistic child, it means that you are hoping that their life will be tragically cut short. It means you think they’re better off dead than they would be living without you. That’s dangerous.

It’s not true. Nobody is better off dead. It is not a blessing to die young. Expressing a desire for someone to die young is not love. (People who say this may well love their children in other ways, but this sentiment is not love.)

Please stop implying that your child will be unable to live and be happy after you die. People just like your child live on in adulthood after their parents die, and your child can too. And they will have a much easier time of it if you accept that they will outlive you, and help them to prepare for their life without you.

The only way it’s likely to live a heartbeat longer than your autistic child is if you kill them and then yourself. Many parents who feel this way do exactly that. And, even if you would never kill your child, people who are considering committing murder can hear what you say. If you say that you hope to live a heartbeat longer than your child, it makes the murder that is the only way this can plausibly happen seem like a much more legitimate choice. Don’t give potential murders that kind of encouragement.

In the disability community, we observe a day of mourning and read a list of people with disabilities murdered by caregivers.

The list is long. And it’s only a list of the names we know. There are many others who died without making the news. 

I hope and pray that your child never ends up on this list. I hope and pray that they outlive you and have a happy and meaningful adulthood. I hope and pray that this list never gets any longer. 

One murder is too many. Not ever again.

Under the cut is the (as of this post) current list of the names we know. In loving memory; may these murders be the last:

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Jul 20 '14
Jul 20 '14
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Jul 20 '14
Jul 20 '14



A hero? Like you?


Just goes to show that Tony didn’t understand Steve any more than Steve understood Tony. They were both wrong about the other.

Jul 20 '14


Okay seriously, I’ve never seen this guy get any credit, but check this out. Steve had just given his speech that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD and Project Insight was their means of taking total control. Project Insight, which must have taken hundreds of mislead SHIELD employees several months if not years to get this far, and suddenly all priorities are reversed with a few words from the Star Spangled Man With A Plan. So when Rumlow marches in and orders this kid to go through with it, he stares him down for a good 20 seconds, demanding “Is there a problem?” twice in the process. Everyone else is watching in tense silence. This guy is clearly terrified and probably in shock knowing everything he worked for was a Hydra crafted lie, but he sticks with his morals and finally works up the courage to say no, not happening. This is everyday heroism, on par with the man in the Avengers who stood up to Loki when he ordered everyone to kneel. It’s sticking up for what’s right, even in the face of repercussions and knowing your actions alone won’t stop what’s happening. At least you had the strength of character to do the right thing, when it would have been so much easier to follow along and not make yourself a target.

Give this kid a medal.

Jul 20 '14

Every time I see Elizabeth i’s signature I get absurdly happy cause I just imagine her signing her name and doing a little twirly and then pausing and then adding a few more twirlies “your majesty perhaps thats enough twirls” suggests William Cecil “perhaps Im the motherfuckin queen” suggests elizabeth and adds 6 more


Every time I see Elizabeth i’s signature I get absurdly happy cause I just imagine her signing her name and doing a little twirly and then pausing and then adding a few more twirlies
“your majesty perhaps thats enough twirls” suggests William Cecil
“perhaps Im the motherfuckin queen” suggests elizabeth and adds 6 more